I first became Interested in Nootropics and memory/cognitive enhancers several years back...at that time though it seemed that all I could find were suspicious drugs from the dark reaches of the interweb, bazarre websites trying to sell you wonder drugs that would make you into Albert Einstein or Mikael Tesla over night.


In truth however I'm sure many of these claims were MASSIVELY over exaggerated, and what you actually got was probably just powdered milk and monkey scrotum.


SO after my research showed the vast majority of these things to be either fraudulent or naturally occurring vitamins ad minerals and not something that was likely to instantly give me superhuman cognitive abilities and Jedi mind tricks, I sort of lost interest.


That of course was until recently.


A while back I was in an accident. I’ll give you the shortened version. Whilst tidying up in the kitchen (wet cloth in my right hand, cleaning the hob and surfaces etc.) my forehead touched the cooker hood and everything went black.


I awoke at the other side of the kitchen, my head pounding, my fillings vibrating, absolutely no idea where I was or what had happened.


I checked myself to make sure I wasn't missing any limbs...for some reason...I don't remember much else from the incident except noticing my music had finished; shaking violently, an EXTREME amount of pain and being unsure as to whether to phone an ambulance or my wife.


Long story short the hood has live, the current jumped from the power supply, through a screw that had been screwed into same, along the metal surround, into the front of my head, through my brain, down my right hand and through a wet cloth and into the cooker hob.


I suffered from debilitating memory problems, I couldn't understand what my wife was saying sometimes, I was afraid to leave the house, and had the worst possible headaches imaginable.


Some days it was like having a red hot knife thrust into my temples...Other days it was like a storm cloud moving around inside my brain.

Many months have passed and I'm still dealing with the effects (and after effects) of the incident. Including the memory issues and pain...to name a few.


So….Having to deal with mental, emotional and cognitive impairment on a daily basis leads me to believe I have a unique angle with which to test the claims these companies make for their products.


So stick around and see how I get on testing these brain enhancing pills and cognitive enhancers, and their claims, and check my honest, double barrel, Layman's reviews on each of them before yo go spending your hard earned cash on monkey scrotum.