What are nootropics?

We've all heard of or read the reports….wonder pills that give you laser like focus. Top brain supplements that increased learning potential and mental abilities. Brain enhancing pills that that can cure cognitive memory impairment.


But do they actually work?



The theory behind these “miracle drugs,” is actually based heavily on REAL scientific tests. And you probably recognise many of the ingredients from other supplement stacks…

Because at the heart of it thats what these products are...just big stacks of maybe about 4 or more “things” your brain likes to have, or needs to have in order to perform at its peak level of proficiency.


Despite its complexity, the brain is still just an organ, and like any other organ in your body it needs your blood to carry nutrients etc to it for it to be healthy. Whatever Brain enhancers you buy helps to achieve this.


Consider this..

When was the last time you heard somebody talking about their protein shake? Or a pre-workout drink, or what about the last time you heard somebody taking about a hard set they did in the gym? Or crossfit, or metafit, or some other fitness craze?


The fitness industry is massive! It churns out billions of pounds worth of products every year. People are truly obsessed with their body and their physique….


But when was the last time you heard someone talking about what brain supplement they were taking? Or what training they were doing to develop their brain.


There is no difference between taking supplements like amino acids, or protein for your muscles as there is for taking brain enhancers for the health of your olde grey matter.

And from somewhere between £40 -£100+ you can get a good month or three worth of supliments.


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For a supplement though? that ain’t cheap!

...Would you chug down some rubbish, inferior run of the mill protein drink and expect to see good results? Doubt it! And I'm sure I've forked out about £50 for one tub of protein before and I know I'm not alone in doing so.



So what about in practice, do they actually work?

Well the simple answer is yes. They do work, and they work very well, but maybe not as you may expect.


Perhaps you wont be studying for your PHD two days after taking them, but they do have real noticeable and worthwhile results. As long as you are realistic in your expectations...upping your amino acids or protein intake does not make you into the hulk...a similar comparison can be drawn here for these brain supplements.

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If you were to buy a premium quality Nootropic product, with good quality ingredients then you can expect to see your mental focus increasing, your memory becoming better, you may even begin to sleep better, feel more energised, better cognitive ability, study longer….the list goes on.


This all has a follow on effect to EVERY aspect of your day to day life.


Imagine not forgetting where you put things, or being able to pass your exams because you had more concentration and could study for longer, or just being that bit better at your job….

I certainly wouldn't mind any of that.

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