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Increase your IQ, 5 natural Nootropics that make you smarter

There are a number of benefits to increasing your IQ and generally becoming “smarter,”

whether its to get better grades at college, help pass exams, perform better at work or if you are like me...studying and learning new things has become somewhat of a hobby.

Whatever the reason there are a vast multitude of paths you can take to increase your general intellect. From trying out new hobbies, exercising, reading more books, travelling, or doing brain exercising games and aps.

But first, if you are genuinely serious about helping your brain, and increasing your mental capacity you should look at your lifestyle before anything else.

Taking illegal or controlled substances, over consumption of alcohol, lack of sleep and generally not taking care of your brain and body are problems you should address first and foremost.

Have a regular exercise regiment, drink lots of water, cut back on your alcohol intake, get more sleep and try to learn new things as much as possible.

There are however a large number of natural remedies which can assist you to attain a higher level of intelligence, better mood, increase your memory and a whole plethora of other benefits.

Increase your memory

First and foremost, increasing your ability to remember facts, places, images etc will go a long way to making you smarter. Being able to retain and then recall information quickly should be your first port of call.

A well though out exercise regime for your brain will greatly help in this respect, but this doesn't have to be complex.

Simply doing some challenging maths or language puzzles, playing memory games similar to “Simon Says” every other day for example will challenge your mind enough to build better neural pathways, thus increasing your ability to memorise and then recall things.

There are also a large number of really useful mobile applications and brain trainers that can do wonders for your brain health and increase a number of cognitive functions.

Check out some handy mobile Brain training apps from Amazon HERE.

From a Supplement perspective, taking natural Nootropics which have memory assisting and increasing properties can help supercharge your results. By having a well organise supplementation plan you can naturally and almost effortlessly increase a number of cognitive abilities in a few weeks.

A few of my favourite Natural Nootropics blends to increase memory and recall include:


Focus Prime is a great all round Nootropic which uses a blend of natural ingredients to increase cognitive performance, memory and concentration. When taken regularly you will likely notice improvements in your ability to store and recall information, reduce stress and increase mood.

For up to date prices on Amazon, CLICK HERE


Alpha Brain is another great all round Nootropic supplement which supports memory, alpha brain waves, processing speed, focus and cognition.

The manufacturers state that effects are instantly noticeable, and that it has undergone testing at the Boston Centre for Memory. However from experience it should take a few days to a week to notice any real results, which do include the claims that the manufacturer makes.

Taking Alpha Brain will assist you in staying focused and alert for longer, and retain information easily. It is also non GMO, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free (so no caffeine crashes) and is vegetarian.

For up to date prices on Amazon, CLICK HERE

If you are interested in more Natural Nootropics to help stimulate and increase memory and recall functions CLICK HERE

How to increase concentration

Increasing your ability to concentrate on tasks will allow you to work harder for longer, so no more dips or tiredness near the end of your working day. Having a better ability to focus on the task at hand will have a huge carry on in your workplace, College, and general life.

Some simple ways you can help achieve this is through meditation, or even just taking a little time before you start a task to clear your mind of everything else, relax and approach the task with a calculated and methodical manner.

An example of this could be making a step by step list of how you wish to achieve said task. Over time this behaviour will help you to focus and dial in on the best way to achieve whatever the task may be, whether its a hard assignment at work or College, learning a new play-book for your sports team, or just to beat your personal record in the gym or at your chosen sports for example.

New Technologies for increasing concentration levels.

With new technology being created including brain training applications which serve to work various areas of your brain, from memory, problem solving and visualisation. There have also been massive improvements in tech which specifically works to aid your concentration and relaxation levels.

They work by measuring your brain activity, measuring levels of focus and concentration, and then use that information to take control of a game.

These can be of great value to you when seeking to increase you ability to focus and concentrate on specific tasks, and again have a direct carry on in your work, studies, athletic pursuits and general life.

This is an area of brain training and personal development which I find to be highly interesting and it genuinely has me very excited.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on these tech's just now but keep your eyes posted for an upcoming article examining these later.


MINDFLEX turns increasing your concentration levels into a game. Using your mind to move an object through the fun puzzle.

You just attach a headset containing sensors to your noodle and it measures your brainwave activity! Cool eh?

The headset picks up your levels of focus and concentration, and uses that as an “input” much in the same way buttons on your keyboard or Xbox controller are input a specific action, your levels of concentration will cause a small foam ball to rise on a stream of air.

When you relax your thoughts and the ball descends through the stream, and by turning the dial on the game you direct the stream around the course, so. By using a combination mental coordination, and a bit of multi tasking you have to guide the ball through the obstacle course. The course is fully and easily customizable so you can create new challenges for yourself as you get better.

I seriously love this little gadget, I will be going into more detail in another article I am already writing for a later date.


The Mindwave NEURO SKY is predominantly a device to measure brainwave activity when carrying out a number of tasks, for example maths, reading recognising patterns and problem solving etc.

This seriously is a pretty cool bit of tech though, there are already quite complicated games and training activities available, and there is a bundle software package option available that is quite reasonably priced, and includes around 10 applications for a range of tasks and experiences ranging from fun entertainment to serious education.

This really is one of the better brainwave sensors available for such a low price and easily turns your home PC into private tutor.

It utilises years of scientific research into measuring brain wave and brain function to safely measure brainwave signals and has already been praised for its ability to detect early signs of dementia and Alzheimer's, and in treating ADHD.

Again I'll be going into more detail in an upcoming article, but if you are interested in Mindwave NEURO SKY you can find more information and up to date prices on Amazon


Ultimately the Muse Sensing Headband is a meditation assistant. Your brain is constantly working and emitting a variety of brain waves, sometimes your mind is calm and other times it is extremely active.

The Muse Sensing Headband helps to guide your mind into a calmer state by measuring the brain waves and adjusting the music and sounds appropriately. You can have either calming beach sounds or rainforest sounds, it instantly adjusts these sounds to tell you how relaxed your mind is.

The calmer you are, then the calmer the sounds you will hear, likewise the more active you are, then the more active the sounds will be.

Again this is a great piece of tech that effectively trains you to become ore relaxed and increases your levels of concentration, you can review data from your sessions after each use and set yourself goals to help you get better every time.

If you would like to find out more, and to find up to date pricing for the Muse Brain Sensing Headband you can find it HERE on Amazon

There are an increasing number of gadgets like this that help you to build and train your levels of concentration, as mentioned before I will be looking into more pieces of technology like the three mentioned on a later article.

From a supplementation standpoint, there are a number of natural cognitive enhancers which can assist.


HCF promotes Happy, Calm & Focused brain, enhanced cognition, boosts mental performance, helps enhance focus, concentration and attention, alertness, memory and recall, increases mood, curbs anxiety and promotes healthy sleep cycles.

It is gluten free, vegetarian, and contain no sweeteners or it doesn't taste great, however it is an extremely potent and effective product that blends a number of natural nootripics to create a great all rounder for increasing your cognitive abilities.

If you would like to find out more about HFC and to check up to date prices on Amazon click HERE


NEUROIGNITE is a Premium brain supplement used to enhance mental performance, promote positive mood, increase energy and can help your brain reach its full potential.

The ingredients include Ginko Biloba and BACOPA, St Johns Wort, Phosphatidylserine and more.

It has been developed to promote circulation in the brain, cognitive function, increase energy and mood without the crashes and jitters associated with products containing high levels of stimulants such as caffeine (NEUROIGNITE is caffeine free).

The manufacturers state that only one pill is needed per day, and that it is manufactured in the USA under strict processing standards at an FDA registered facility, and has undergone third party testing to ensure accurate claims of results, and quality.

They also offer a full money back guarantee.

If you would like more information on Neuroignite, or for up to date pricing you can find it HERE on Amazon.


Ginseng has been a staple of eastern medicines for time immemorial, It can help to improve concentration, cognitive activities, and overall brain function. Panax Ginseng also has a remarkable ability to reduce stress and promote positive mood. Calmness and improved concentration both lead to better mental capacity.

Increase stamina and athletic performances. Pure Science Panax Ginseng Root Powder 600 mg vegetarian capsules are an excellent natural supplement to improvee stamina and vitality. It is a safe and natural vitality enhancer that improves blood circulation and overall body function in the form of easy to absorb vegetarian capsules.

It also has the added bonus of increasing libido and sex drive...if that's your bag….and is a natural testosterone booster.

Again this company boasts a money back guarantee of you are not satisfied with the product.

For more information on PANEX GINSENG, check it out HERE.


Taking any one of the aforementioned supplements will have a great effect on your cognitive functions, and can vouch for each one of them having previously tested them out. Furthermore I would highly suggest that you try to change your lifestyle and actively train different areas of your brain regularly, this is best done by tackling your ability to carry out a variety of tasks such as simple to moderate/complex maths, problem solving, relaxing and meditation.

I would recommend however that if you are taking any sort of prescribed medication I would most certainly consult with your family doctor to check for any drug interactions.

I would also suggest that you also try to trian your creative side, take up some sort of artistic hobby, this will give your brain and mind a full workout and will assist in contributing more to your life in general.

I sincerely hope you found this article useful, I had a lot of fun writing it (if you can believe that), and feel free to leave a comment below.


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