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Boost Your Brain Training, 7 gadgets To Make You Smarter.

There are a number of new, and some older technology and gadgets that can seriously assist in helping you become smarter. Many are simply memory games or puzzles that help to work your brain. These actually have some good carry over results. Increasing your memory will go a long way to increasing your intelligence.

Who wouldn't want to remember more facts or places or images for instance much quicker.

Some are simply tools to help you relax and meditation aids, however these tools will assist you in blocking out eternal influences and help to increase your concentration and focus, AND will build good habits when it comes to your concentration.

I have selected my favourite few from both categories below so. Lets get into it.

Here are my Top 7 gadgets To help Make You Smarter.

Brain Age: Concentration Training - Nintendo 3DS

Lets kick this off with something slightly left field.

Known as “Devilish Brain Training” in Europe, and the fourth instalment in the brain training series. It is specifically designed for the Nintendo 3DS…

Yeah I know its a game and Nintendo has really lost out in the gaming stakes against Microsoft and Sony, but this is my number one pick for good reason. In terms of challenging your cognition, memory, and problem solving I believe the series is second to none, its simple realistic challenges are a very quick way to get some exercise for your grey matter.

The ability to take this training with you absolutely anywhere is also a massive bonus. For a number of years you could see me on the bus to work carrying out the daily tasks and tests. And this sort of regular cognitive exercise will help your memory, problem solving and assist in your ability to perform better at mental tasks.

If you are looking for some seriously cheap tech to get your brain working this would be my number one choice. You can pick up the 3DS console and probably the whole brain training series for pretty cheap and give your brain an excellent workout. For up to date prices on Amazon click here.

Star Wars Science Force Trainer II

This one initially appear like a bit of a toy...and in all honesty it is. However, dont let that put you off. The Star Wars Force Trainer II utilises some fun high tech gadgetry, awesome visuals, and great games and challenges to provide you with (in my opinion) a great little tool to really build you ability to focus and concentrate.

Plus I have to confess to being a MASSIVE Star Wars geek, and this just ticks so many boxes for me.

You simply strap on the Bluetooth headset that reads and interprets your brainwaves, and advance through the 10 different challenges, completing various “force” tasks made famous in the movie franchise.

I genuinely love this Gadget and was enthralled to raise Lukes X-Wing from the swamp using “The Force.”

It works with most tablet devices including iPAD (iPad 2 - 2011 and newer) and Android devices (Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 recommended) none of which are included in the price.

And features:

  • Bluetooth headset

  • Holograms featuring different Jedi Challenges from the Star Wars galaxy

  • 10 levels of Jedi Training

  • Music, sound effects, and personal instruction from Master Yoda

  • The Force™ Trainer II App with Episode 7 Update

  • Science learning poster included

  • Ages 8 and up

Again I love using this, and will continue to go back to it again and again, If you have kids then this is a great way to get them involved in brain training and will seriously help them to develop better levels of concentration, plus its just a really cool thing to do as a family.

Compared to some of the other items in this post its pretty inexpensive, uses brainwave sensing technology to measure your levels of concentration, and interpenetrates them into fun and challenging little games. Continued use will help to build your levels of concentration and focus.

Just buy it for your kids...then steal it from them for yourself and begin your Jedi training! For up to date prices on Amazon, click here. May the force be with you.


MINDFLEX turns increasing your concentration levels into a game, much like the previous Using your mind to move an object through the fun puzzle.

Remember “labyrinth?” the game where you press buttons to move a marble through a simple obstacle course? Well Mindflex is very similar, with one major difference.

You just attach a headset containing sensors to your noodle and it measures your brainwave activity.

The headset then determines your levels of focus and concentration, and uses that as an “input” much in the same way buttons on your keyboard or Xbox controller are input a specific action, your levels of concentration will cause a small foam ball to rise on a stream of air.

When you relax your thoughts and the ball descends through the stream, and by turning the dial on the game you direct the stream around the course, so. By using a combination mental coordination, and a bit of multi tasking you have to guide the ball through the obstacle course. The course is fully and easily customizable so you can create new challenges for yourself as you get better.

It really sounds easier than it is, and I seriously enjoyed using this, despite it being pretty infuriating at times as you are required to totally clear your mind, relax and concentrate on the little ball moving. Again this is another great little “tool” that the whole family can get involved with and should keep you entertained for years to come.


This is where it get a bit more serious! The Mindwave NEURO SKY is predominantly a device to measure brainwave activity when carrying out a number of tasks, for example maths, reading recognising patterns and problem solving etc.

This seriously is a pretty cool bit of tech though, there are already quite complicated games and training activities available, and there is a bundle software package option available that is quite reasonably priced, and includes around 10 applications for a range of tasks and experiences ranging from fun entertainment to serious education.

I found the Apps to be really engaging and could seriously be a challenge at times, and I'm sure that continued use will assist your cognation, memory and above all else your ability to relax and to concentrate.

This really is one of the better brainwave sensors available for such a low price, and easily turns your home PC into private tutor.

It utilises years of scientific research into measuring brain wave and brain function to safely measure brainwave signals and has already been praised for its ability to detect early signs of dementia and Alzheimer's, and in treating ADHD.

It may be slightly expensive, but the bundle option with the extra apps makes it well worth the investment in my opinion.

If you are interested in Mindwave NEURO SKY you can find more information and up to date prices on Amazon


Ultimately the Muse Sensing Headband is a meditation assistant.

Meditation is something I have only REALLY become interested in recently. As I have mentioned before, I suffer from PTSD, Anxiety and depression following a brain injury, and meditation has really helped me to change my behaviours gradually into good habits, thus helping with the aforementioned afflictions.

Your brain is constantly working and emitting a variety of brain waves, sometimes your mind is calm and other times it is extremely active. I find my brain gets too active which clouds my judgement and distracts my concentration.

The Muse Sensing Headband helps to guide your mind into a calmer state by measuring the brain waves and adjusting the music and sounds appropriately. You can have either calming beach sounds or rainforest sounds, it instantly adjusts these sounds to tell you how relaxed your mind is.

The calmer you are, then the calmer the sounds you will hear, likewise the more active you are, then the more active the sounds will be.

Again this is a great piece of tech that effectively trains you to become more relaxed and increases your levels of concentration, you can review data from your sessions after each use and set yourself goals to help you get better every time.

This is a great tool that I genuinely believe most people could benefit from. Modern day living can be extremely stressful and busy. Coming home after a hard day at work and having a device that helps guide you into a calmer state, helping you to relax, can make such a difference to your mind set, mental and general health.

If you would like to find out more, and to find up to date pricing for the Muse Brain Sensing Headband you can find it HERE on Amazon

Mindset Smart Headphones

Mindset Smart Headphones primary function focuses on measuring your brain waves to determine your levels of concentration.

when your mind becomes distracted you are provided with an audio gesture to let you know your mind is wandering.

This lets you switch off from distractions and get back to concentrating on your task. The manufacturers state that on average it takes 7 minuts to return from a distracted state, and claim that using Mindset Smart Headphones can help you reduce that time to seconds.

They state that using the headset will help to keep you in the “Flow State,” which is pretty much like “being in the zone.” as a musician I have felt this experience a number of times, where you switch off from external influences and your mind is solely interested in performing the task at hand.

Similar technologies are already being utilised by professional gamers, olympic athletes and in the NASA training course.

Mindset Smart Headphones are described as “advanced machine learning,” which recognizes the patterns in your EEG signal. and determines the times throughout the day where you're in a deep, focused mind state and tracks changes throughout your day.

This is displayed with the handy application, helping to show you when you are at your most optimal level of concentration.

If you Find yourself getting distracted, then the Mindset Smart Headset can help you to schedule a deep work session to get in the zone. Mindset’s feedback will train your mind to be more focused, even after you take the headphones off.

I have only been using this for a short time but can happily say that I feel my mind becoming more focused, and the audio tells that my mind is becoming distracted seriously helps me to stop messing about and really knuckle down and get back to the task at hand.

Like many of the other items on this post, The Mindset Smart Headset is really only useful if you use it regularly to change your behaviours and make new habits. THEN you will really start to see a difference in your concentration, and work output.

In my opinion, the technology available to help train our brains to carry out a number of tasks, whether that’s to reduce stress, increase concentration, or just to exercise your brain should seriously not be ignored. I am amazed by each of the above mentioned gadgets and will be including them in my brain training sessions along with proper Nootropic nutrition, and would suggest you give serious thought about doing similar.

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