Over The Counter Brain Enhancement.


Brain enhancers, Cognitive supplements, it can be a bit disorientating buying these things yeah?

You are a student, an athlete, maybe just feel like giving your brain a kick up the arse...Whatever your reasons are, it can be very confusing.


Just a word before I continue. I am NOT medically trained and as such I'm not gonna spout on about the effects of this and that! Neither do I own shares in any of the supplements I describe so I'm not trying to sell you anything….I'm just pretty enthusiastic in regards to Nootropics, and hope you will value an honest opinion.


Lets face it, most of the internet is full of shit.


All the stuff online are pretty much just sales pages for this or that. I mean, I've got links so you can buy stuff but I personally don't manufacture or sell any of this shit myself! But its hard to source Nootopics that do very much from the shops.

Most over the counter Nootropics don't have any of the fancy medical grade ingredients.

Its mostly all stuff that has been available for a great many years.

So...why then do they get such a bad name?


They've been tried and tested since for ages! Your granny has probably taken some because she keeps misplacing her glasses….or bingo markers. And guess what? They actually do make a bit of a difference.


I actually take over the counter brain supplements most of the time. I know, I have had the misfortune of sustaining a brain injury and I'm sure most of you haven’t, so perhaps the results I would get would differ from what you may see. BUT! I honestly couldn’t go a day without my little brain pills!


Most days I'm on MODAFY, its cheap, I can get it next day from Amazon and it doesn't have any strange sounding ADHD meds or whatever.


With MODAFY my memory (Which is awful most of the time!) gets significantly better, and when I'm working I can absolutely smash through the morning, I've seen me doing about 3 hours solid! I mean just solid, banging out reports, cases, emails and phoning folks like its going out of fashion!


In all honesty, I've had numerous over the counter cognitive sups, and they all work very well! They have pretty much the same ingredients, lets be honest! But MODAFY is still my favourite, I just enjoy taking it, I enjoy the results and its cheap etc.


If you are looking for something a bit more edgy and stronger then I cant recommend GENBRAIN highly enough.

Its got many of the same ingredients as MODAFY or some of the other over the counter supplements, But the addition of an ingredient which is openly used to treat numerous degenerative cognitive conditions, and is prescribed in Germany for the same.



It apparently helps to regenerate the brain...which is why I like it so much. Having an injury to your brain totally effects everything you do. Almost everything on a daily basis is done half as slow when I'm not taking my supplements. So I REALLY need to take these things, and happily I can say they work!


Things don't take as long, I don't forget what I'm talking about anywhere near as much, and my thought process just feels quicker.

Its not massively expensive and got here in about a week.


So If you do happen to be a student who needs some more help during exam time, get yourself some MODAFY. It makes a huge difference to my ability to retain information, and my workrate goes through the roof. Similarly if you are just looking to give your brain an edge...then MODAFY is what you need.


If however you want to have something suited to some more serious studying, or to give your brain a big edge, The GENBRAIN is for you!


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Have you taken any of these supplements? What did you think?