Well I have now finished off another bottle of the Optineuro, and honestly its about the same as other similar priced brain supplements.

Much of the same effects as other over the counter nootropics but in the spirit of fairness I'll try to delve a little deeper.




Because of its caffeine content, guarana potentially may interact with lithium, theophylline, and clozapine.

Side Effects

Excessive nervousness, insomnia, and other health risks in patients sensitive to caffeine.


Guarana contains caffeine, a stimulant. By comparison, coffee beans contain about 1-2% caffeine and the dried leaves of guarana contain from 1-4% caffeine."



some obligatory scince based pics to reasure you

Typically people have complained about headaches taking this and I believe (I may be wrong here, wouldn’t be the first time) that it may have something to do with the 500mg of Guarana...its a fair big dose of stimulant that some people may take some sort of mild reaction to...or they could be drinking too much caffeine.


I live with almost constant headaches, and having Anxiety is a bloody big enough headache as it is so I can honestly say that I didn't notice any difference.


I also paid about £40 for 90 pills or so, which again is about average. I did try these a while ago but I was sort of new to brain sups and was in all honesty probably somewhat nutritionally deficient. With that in mind I felt better results last time to this time but nonetheless I persevered.


After about two days I did get a bit of a headache but I consume ungodly quantities of coffee, I swear I’m just gonna pour boiling water straight into the packet and drink it one of these days.

That and it's totally normal for me to get the worst possible headaches imaginable...I would discount this normally but as its a common complaint I felt obliged to let you know.


Effects wise….the first time I really felt pretty good after about a week to two weeks, this time round it was about the same time but just not as big a feeling...again my body is probably not lacking all that much due to continued use of these sort of things, which I think is the main point here really.


Does it work?




Should you buy it?


If you are deficient in some of the ingredients, or have some concentration problems then I would say yes, go ahead and buy this, or any other over the counter nootropic or cognitive supplement I've reviewed...In my experience they are all about the same.

I did feel able to concentrate on one specific thing at a time a bit better than I would perhaps normally be able to. I also spent less time correcting any mistakes on like work reports or spelling mistakes..the usual stuff.


Also I felt more able to process thoughts quicker. I often feel like I'm that guy who is awesome after an incident has happened.


You know the guy? Like one of your friends comes out with an awesome insult and about like half an hour later your other friend blurts out a come back...all too late and looks like a total twat...


yup that's me, I'm that guy most of the time. But on the Optineuro I was that bit more able to think faster, and in greater depth.

It was nice not to be the slow friend in the group for a change.

To conclude, my opinion is that Optineuro is an effective over the counter brain supplement, it will provide your brain with the nutrients it needs to function at its peak performance.

Also, its readily available over the counter in decent health stores or via Amazon. So you get a bit of peace of mind that its not full of ground down chalk and goat balls!


It is very good at providing your brain with said nutrients, and provides some stimulants in the form of Guarana….it doesn’t bother me very much but gives some people headaches...for some reason?..again I'm not a Doctor.


However, it will not make you into a complete brainbox. It will help you think better, maybe work longer, and concentrate for longer and you wont forget as much.


For best results you should keep taking them...or any other over the counter nootropic for that matter….most of them work the same way.


Fancy giving Optineuro a try?

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If you are looking for a bit more bang for your buck however, then I would suggest something like Genbrain or Mind lab Pro...again both great products, the Genbrain would be my personal choice.


If you fancy trying Genbrain then click the button below. Or read my review HERE