So I have been taking MODAFY for about a month now. And honestly its not half bad.

My memory has seriously improved and I've been more productive at work.

My thought process appeared to be a little quicker,

I often forget what word I'm looking for mid sentence but there was very little of that when I took MODAFY


Fancy some more nootropic supplements? 

Then try these out.

The pills are maybe a bit on the big side for some but it doesn’t really bother me as I've pretty much lived on a concoction of painkillers for the past year.


Ingredient wise, its made up of “natural” stuff...yeah its still been processed in a lab somewhere but there’s no drugs in there, thus you can get it on Amazon or any decent health foods place...bonus!

Ingredients as below. This is per daily dose of 3 pills. The bottle I have holds 90 pills, and only cost £29.99.

Also, around the 6 hour mark at work I tend to turn into a bit of a zombie and I'm completely unable to perform ANY sort of task. I just totally hit the wall and that's me!


I've seen me totally forgetting my password for my PC or going elsewhere in the office to do something and leaving half the stuff behind, I'm a nightmare!

But again, with MODAFY I was more productive, able to work harder for longer, and had much better Concentration levels and focus.

If you are looking for something to take whilst studying, or if you have (like me) some sort of mild memory impairment then I personally would recommend MODAFY.

Vitamin B12 10ug

vitamin B3 32mg

vitamin B6 5mg

Alpha GPC 400mg

L-Theanine 300mg

Phosphatidiserine 200mg

Caffeine 150mg

Guarana 150mg

Lion's Mane 150mg

COQ 10 50mg

BlackPepper Extract 6mg

So what results could you expect?


Well….I would suggest that your memory will get better, you will be able to concentrate on tasks with ease. I've seen me banging out emails and reports in the morning like a machine.


For students I would suggest that you will be able to study for longer, My ability to recall information increased exponentially, I cant remember anything most of the time...Again, large doses of electricity to the brain tends to cause that. But when I took MODAFY I genuinely did surprise myself and my colleagues with my short and long term memory.


On a slightly different note. I had gone out with some friends on a night out, an occurrence which is pretty uncommon, and totally out of character for me these days. And as such I was suffering quite badly the following day...I honestly don't even need to drink much any more, I'm a total light weight.


After a couple of hours of taking my MODAFY however I did feel the effects of my hangover subsiding...could be related but then again be nothing.


So for only £29.99 you get about 30 days worth of pills. That's roughly about 30 days worth of; remembering more, being able to work harder, work for longer, not forgetting what you are talking about half way through a sentence, having intense focus, improving your brain power, and just generally being a better version of yourself.


So I would say its well worth it. My overall mood improved and my memory and ability to carry out tasks improved I would probably say significantly...did it turn me into Professor Xavier from the X-Men?...sadly no.


If you are a student looking for the best Nootropic for studying, or someone looking for a good over the counter Nootropic, OR if you are somebody like me, who has some sort of Memory impairment or suffers from mild memory loss. Then I would highly recommend MODAFY to you.


Fancy giving MODAFY a try? or if you want to know more click the link below.