Ok so I had seen this on a few websites and read some suspicious looking comments and reports.

So..I really wasn't looking forward to trying it, nor was I particularly hopeful about the results.


Basically I'm a big sceptic when it comes to stuff like this on the olde interweb…..And to be fair most other people are also, but I persevered anyway so I could share my experience...that and I'm a total champ!


To start off the packaging wasn't too bad, it was of the same standard as any other high quality brain enhancing pills, which was very reassuring.

Ingredient wise, again it had all the same stuff as other good quality brain supplements...with a bit extra that I'll get to later.

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So all in all I was beginning to come round to it.


A couple of days in I started to feel the effects, memory appeared a lot sharper, wasn’t anywhere as tired and had considerably more focus.


By the last week I could see some great results. Like most other brain enhancers I've tried, GenBrain has helped my memory...massively! I have an absolutely shocking (pardon the pun) memory as a result of my accident and have a mild cognitive memory impairment. I just find it difficult to focus on stuff so GenBrain really helped me out.


So I would have to say that its had a really positive effect on my concentration and my mental focus, if you are looking to boost your brain power, or a brain stimulant for studying for example, get some Genbrain.

A spoonful of medicine helps the sugar go down...The bottom one is an upside down M&M.

Is it better than other similarly priced brain supplements?


I would have to say maybe! I did feel more alert than I did on many of the over the counter brain stimulants, but that could just be down to the blend, or economics, or Sagittarius aligning with Jupiter, who knows.

But I would say that its on a par with many of the other online nootropics and well worth considering if you have for instance some slight memory or cognitive impairment like myself.



I was really interested in the ingredient in GenBrain called Vinpocetin,e which is supposed to aid repair of damaged neuro-pathways. This is a serious bit of kit! Its used to treat a load of degenerative mental conditions like dementia etc.

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In a randomized, double-blind, crossover study, 12 women receiving either vinpocetine (10, 20, 40 mg) or placebo for 2 days completed a battery of psychological tests (critical flicker fusion, choice reaction time, subjective ratings of drug effects, and a Sternberg Memory Scanning Test) on day 3 of treatment, 1 hour after the morning dose of vinpocetine. Statistically significant changes in memory as assessed by the Sternberg Memory Scanning Test were observed with vinpocetine 40 mg compared with placebo. 


Did it make a difference?

I would have to say yes! I certainly did feel much more alert, much more driven and focused, and less...em, confused and less of a space cadet. So there may be something in the claims, and it is used as a medicinal treatment for people with memory and cognitive problems, it also reacts with blood thinners so just have a check before you go taking it and die on me!


Word of warning though...this stuff is apparently sold under prescription in Germany as it can help people with Alzheimer's, Epilepsy and people recovering from strokes…. So maybe check if it interacts with any medicines you are currently taking. Personally I love it! I would say that this is what sets GenBrain apart from some other Supplements.

So if your looking for a good, high quality, “natural” (none of these tings are truly natural) brain supplement that works...I'd say go for BrainGen. Again be realistic with your expectations and you really wont be disappointed.


OK lets look at their claims.


  • Increase Memory. Definitely.

  • Helps in increasing brain performance. I would also agree

  • Helps in increasing focus and concentration. I saw a big increase in my focus.

  • Helps in boosting energy levels. Definitely felt I had more energy.

  • Helps in achieving clear mental vision. To some degree yes.

  • Helps in achieving cognitive abilities. This sentence doesn't really make any sense to me.

  • An excellent nootropic supplement. I would definitely say so.


As you can see it ticks all the boxes, does what it says it does and I would have to say its a very high quality product.


My experience with BrainGen has been massively positive, and in all honesty I would buy it again...and again!

I was thoroughly impressed by it, I would also say that it has lived up to the claims for the most part and if it can help my memory and concentration etc, then it could quite easily help yours as some days it feels like I have a potato for a brain.


Plus the Vinpocetine for me is a bonus. I'm far from being a Doctor, so please check if your medicine interacts with it. It also sounds like a pretty heavy hitter if its used to treat some serious illnesses so take from that as you wish...For me its good, but make up your own mind. 

Its synthesised from a natural source and is actually used to treat memory impairment and other issues, and THAT is the big kicker for me, for that alone, and in my opinion its worth it.

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